Tropical Reef Shipyard

Tropical Reef Shipyard

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Tropical Reef Shipyard

Tropical Reef Shipyard


Waterproof Awning – Serge Ferrari Precontraint 502. Side Infills – Monotec 370.

Design and Construct

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This 34 x 15 metre awning was designed to shade and waterproof an industrial site but also had to be fully retractable to allow machinery and truck access when required and quick removal in the event of a cyclone. The client required minimal support posts in the middle of the structure so we designed a heavy duty centre ridge bar with overhead truss supports. This then allowed us to install an easy slide track system on the underside of the centre ridge bar. The perimeter posts are installed with an individual winch system to each post, which tensioned each clew point. The top of the posts have blocks and cable. To retract the awning the outside points are released and the awning splits in two and concertinas at each end. The system is able to be set and retracted in minutes to form a highly tensioned waterproof membrane. This project won the Outstanding Achievement Award for Safety and Protective at the 2010 International Achievement Awards at Industrial Fabrics Association International.

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