Cleaning and maintenance

Sail Structures has been designing and installing world class shade sails and tensile membranes for over 30 years. These sails are valuable assets and we believe all our customers should have access to quality ‘life of product’ services to optimise the financial and social return of this investment.

Cleaning methods

Working closely with fabric manufacturers, we offer correct cleaning routines and preventative maintenance to extend the life of your sail. This includes cleaning at least once a year, with the appropriate cleaning agents and methods specified by the fabric manufacturer so as to not void the warranty.

Fabric maintenance

Whilst the sail is removed for cleaning, assessments of the fabric’s condition can take place. To optimise the lifespan of the sail, we recommend preventative maintenance, including patching of small holes or tears and re-stitching of seams, which, if left unattended, could render the sail unsalvageable.

Our Asset Management Team will also log each time your sail is cleaned and maintained ‘confidentially’ in our asset register.

Preferred Suppliers to DETE

Sail Structures is one of the preferred suppliers to Department of Education and Training – under DETE PSA 101227 – Provision of Shade Structures for the provision of shade sails and permanent roof structures; and a pre-qualified supplier to Local Buy (Asset Management Services – Contract: BUS 252-0615).

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