Tensile Membranes

Sail Structures specialise in the design and installation of tensile membrane structures.

Tensile membranes can economically and attractively span a large area, through the support of a structural frame. Its unique flexibility allows for unlimited designs and elegant forms.


  • Architectural lightweight structural solutions
  • Commercial enclosures
  • Residential enclosures
  • Mobile Aircraft hangars
  • Stadiums
  • Warehousing and Storage


  • Available in PVC, PTFE and ETFE
  • Lightweight and Economical
  • Broad range of products available to Engineers and Fabricators
  • Features include Fire retardant, High Tensile Strength and Range of Colours
  • UV protection up to 98% UV block
  • Fabric manufacturer’s warranty 10-25 years
  • Environmentally sustainable
  • Cleaning and maintenance service available
Cairns Airport Beer Garden Canopy

Product Specifications

Mehgies (Mehler), Serge Ferrari and Bochini are the three (3) preferred suppliers of PVC to Sail Structures.

Each supplier has a quality range of products available to us as your designer and project manager ensuring the selection of fabric is fit for purpose.

Ask us for more information about fabric options for Tensile Membranes today.

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